Breaking: Michael Jackson Still Dead

Just thought I’d jump in on the Lame Stream Media circus and let you all know that Michael Jackson is still dead.  And, lest we forget, a dead  pedophile (well, let’s be fair—a “rumored” pedophile) Muzzie.  I think Congressman Pete King pretty much sums up my personal feelings on the subject:

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6 Comments on “Breaking: Michael Jackson Still Dead”

  1. tgusa Says:

    The closest thing I have seen before this was the OJ slow speed chase. This is the media’s MJ slow speed funeral. Really disgusting.

    The media seems to have a sick preoccupation with some really despicable people.

  2. oaks777 Says:

    Speak on with this sensible video!!!!

  3. Frankly I don’t care about Mikey Jackson alive or dead.

    He was a weird guy in life and weirder guy in death….

  4. ciccio Says:

    This was too good not to steal:

    Farrah Fawcett went into a coma.
    God appeared and said to her “Farrah, you have given so much pleasure to so many people, what would you like as your final wish?”
    Farrah said “I would like all the children around the world to be happy and safe”.
    So God killed Michael Jackson.

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