Toronto Muzzies Suing U.S. Based Popeyes for Not Supplying Halal Chickens

I’m sorry, but I fail to see where in the U.S. Constitution it says that businesses must cater to specific religions:

Popeyes in fight over Halal chicken

A group of Muslim restaurant franchisees is fighting fast-food chain Popeyes Louisiana Chicken in court over the right to sell hand-slaughtered Halal meat for religious reasons.

The battle in Ontario Superior Court comes after the Atlanta-based franchise moved to replace the chicken supply with machine-killed birds in 14 Toronto restaurants. The company says it’s still Halal-certified; the franchisees claim the machine method is against the beliefs of a majority of Muslims.

“If I begin selling machine-slaughtered chicken, I will immediately lose an enormous segment of my customers,” reads the sworn affidavit from Abdul Haffejee, who owns eight Popeyes in the GTA.

Haffejee, who donates Popeyes chicken to mosques and sponsored Muslim Day at Canada’s Wonderland, said between 50 and 80 per cent of his customers are Muslim.

“All of the members of the Muslim community that I have worked so hard to attract will be gone instantly. They cannot be replaced,” he said in his affidavit, claiming tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars at stake.

Halal is a term used to denote if something is lawful in the Islamic faith.

There are specific requirements for killing animals: a slaughterer who is Muslim or a believer, a blessing, and certain arteries cut before the slaughter.
And, where’s PETA on this issue? Yeah, that’s right; crickets.

For over 25 years, Popeyes sold hand-slaughtered Halal meat in all of its 59 southern Ontario stores, according to court documents. This occurred without major incident until January this year, when the long-time supplier announced it would be getting out of the hand-slaughtered chicken business because it was moving on to larger birds, an industry trend.

Thus began an 11-month saga that continues today.

The real trouble, the franchisees claim, began in August when the old supplier stopped shipping the hand-slaughtered chicken to Popeyes. The group of six owners – with stores in Scarborough, east end Toronto, Markham and Vaughan – secured a hand-slaughtered supplier while the other Popeyes stores would use machines. They continue to serve the hand-slaughtered chicken to date.

But according to court documents filed by the franchisees, throughout September and October, Popeyes stopped or threatened to discontinue the hand-slaughtered supply – which they are responsible for arranging – only to reinstate it later due to complaints and legal action.

“Throughout 2011, Popeyes has shown increasing bad faith toward the franchisees. Its actions clearly demonstrate a disregard for their commercial and religious interests,” reads the franchisees’ court motion.

The Toronto lawyer representing Popeyes said he could not comment without consent from the company. In a statement, the company said it is in discussions with all franchisees in the GTA to resolve the situation and it is company policy not to comment on pending litigation. The company also said the two Canadian poultry suppliers currently used by Popeyes are Halal-certified, but didn’t specify if it is hand or machine-slaughtered.

In a court affidavit, a Popeyes representative said the problem stems from the current hand-slaughtered Halal supplier, which uses birds larger than Popeyes’ specification and also has “quality” and quantity problems.

Alice LeBlanc, chief of supply chain management, said that selling hand-slaughtered meat to only a few store owners would amount to discrimination against the other franchisees. She also argued the meaning of Halal is fluid, and Muslims may accept a certified machine-slaughter bird.

“Having multiple suppliers would undermine the advantages of bulk purchasing,” said LeBlanc.

Now, lawyers on both sides have reached a tentative agreement by court order to continue the Halal supply until a resolution can be reached. A commercial trial is tentatively scheduled for February during which the franchisees hope to compel Popeyes to continue supplying hand-slaughtered Halal chicken for their restaurants.

“Both sides have common interest in working together towards a resolution,” said Jonathan Lisus, lawyer for the franchisees. Counsel from both sides released a joint statement to the Star that said the hope is “that the matter will be resolved amicably in the near future.”

But a Toronto Imam, who has consulted with the restaurant owners and also made a presentation to Popeyes’ executives in Toronto, said the only solution is to keep Halal chicken supply as is.

“It seems that (Popeyes) is just not ready to comply or compromise,” said Imam Yusuf Badat at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto.

“I believe it’s all about the bottom line. It’s about the money.”

He explained that for many Muslims, machine-slaughtering cannot be considered Halal because it’s impossible to bless each bird at such a high speed and there are questions surrounding who turns on the machine if he or she is not a believer.

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21 Comments on “Toronto Muzzies Suing U.S. Based Popeyes for Not Supplying Halal Chickens”

  1. PB-in-AL Says:

    Doc, a bit of a font formatting issue after your comment.

    The imam says that Popeye’s won’t “comply or compromise”; let’s translate that considering the context. He means “capitulate”. Then he goes on to say, “…it’s all about the bottom line.” Well, Duh, DumbA**, they’re a for-profit business.

    Seems to me the solution is easy for the franchisees. Drop the franchise and open you’re own branded restaurant if the halal issue is so critical to you. Really, stand by your beliefs and step out to prove your faith.

    It’s not like there’s any mystery to the whole idea of chain restaurants. They make money on economies of scale, lower costs, allow somewhat lower costs, higher volumes, more profit, basic economics and math. Of course, this doesn’t really have anything to do with food, or business.

  2. Simply put…

    IF moslems want to have restraunts they need to do ‘muslim only’ eatteries.

    That way they can avoid we horrible non muslims and our distain for thier system.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Muslims are demanding that Popeye’s cuts the throat of the chicken and slowly let them bleed out as a leader of their order mutters some ancient sacrificial rites over the poor slowly dying critter? Well what the heck why not trial by ordeal for Popeye while we are at it?

    Just as the firebombed French paper reprinted the offending whateveritwas the best way is to fight back against these militant fascists. The people/businesses just need to lay out their reasons in a calm sane way that most of us in the wqest will understand and agree with, you know, the opposite of these muslims. You can’t buy this kind of publicity, milk it for all it is worth.

  4. memaw1942 Says:

    Dr. Bulldog: You know Popeye’s is my favorite chicken “restaurant”… and I pray they don’t follow Kentucky Fried Chicken and “capitulate” to the Muslim… I really would hate to have to give up “Popeyes”…
    I am so tired of the Muslim’s demands and of America following their “rules” like sheep being led to the slaughter…

  5. hktony Says:

    they will never stop complaining until they have made us dimmies. i have said that talking to these things is pointless. in fact they want this as then they can claim hurt feelings or some other child like comment. they won’t or can’t grow into normal people. there can only be one solution and that is to throw all muslims out of western countries. how i don’t know but not voting liberal i guess is a start. thet are like cockroaches just keep coming back but worse.

  6. […] Popeyes has been serving halal chicken for 25 years? via Toronto News: Popeyes in fight over Halal chicken – h/t Doctor Bulldog […]

  7. Leatherneck Says:

    Killing chicken to a false moon god is meat I can not eat. Islam is here inside America to be one part of the enemy.

    BZO, or Die!

  8. […] Popeyes has been serving halal chicken for 25 years? via Toronto News: Popeyes in fight over Halal chicken – h/t Doctor Bulldog […]

  9. Gonzo Says:

    i refuse to eat meat from an animal that has been slaughtered in such an inhumane way.

    Join me.

  10. Big Frank Says:

    More proof that it’s always their way or no way, you can never reason with these inbread mutants.

  11. John Baker Says:

    “I’m sorry, but I fail to see where in the U.S. Constitution it says that businesses must cater to specific religions:” shows just how little you understand the issue at hand.

    The point of the article is that the main clientele of popeyes are Muslims. The actual religion itself is really not the main issue. The issue is that the major clients have certain demands as Muslims. In economics, consumers have tastes and if business don’t cater to those tastes they will go bust. If the meat becomes non halal the stores will lose a lot of business.

    • tgusa Says:

      Mr. Baker,
      Why do you support the torture of food animal just so muslims can get a bite to eat?

      I really don’t care what someone’s personal preferences or tastes are as long as they don’t involve abuse. I think it is obvious that your types will do anything for a profit. You should be ashamed of yourself but you probably don’t give it a second thought.

  12. IF moslems have to eat ‘halal’ it is better for them to start thier own restraunts or eatteries to cater to thier needs.

    They should not force non muslim restraunts to cater to thier lifestyle when its un-neccesary.

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