Friday Night Document Dump Indicates Eric Holder Knew the Details About ‘Fast & Furious’ Long Before He Claims to Have Known

You know, I seem to recall reading about Hitler doing these off-news-cycle document dumps, too:

Another Friday, Another Friday DoJ Document Dump
M Catharine Evans – American Thinker

If the White House orders the Department of Justice to dump another 500 pages of Fast and Furious documents on a Friday evening, will they make a sound if only a few alternative journalists are around? Yes.

Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars and David Codrea of the Washington Examiner reported the NPR (surprise, surprise) story late last evening. A “series of sensitive emails” inside the dump leave no doubt Attorney General Eric Holder knew about Fast and Furious long before he said he knew.

The email messages show the former top federal prosecutor in Arizona, Dennis Burke, notifying an aide to Holder via email on Dec. 15, 2010 that agent Brian Terry had been wounded and died. “Tragic,” responds the aide, Monty Wilkinson. “I’ve alerted the AG, the acting Deputy Attorney General…”

Only a few minutes later, Wilkinson emailed again, saying, “Please provide any additional details as they become available to you.”

Burke then delivered another piece of bad news: “The guns found in the desert near the murder [sic] … officer connect back to the investigation we were going to talk about — they were AK-47s purchased at a Phoenix gun store.”

Is it a scandal yet? Can we assume from the scads of circumstantial evidence gathered over the past year that major leaders in the Obama administration were in on the whole thing?

We don’t know yet, except heavily redacted pages in the doc dump related to a meeting with Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer on February 4, 2011 are followed by the suggestion to have a “High Level meeting in the Spring to address the arms trafficking issue. (Please note that the idea of holding a high level meeting came up during Secretary Clinton’s visit to Mexico last week).”  Wouldn’t the Secretary of State have to sign off on shipping arms to cartels?

Other big names include Janet Napolitano who flew down in a Blackhawk helicopter to Rio Rico to take a first-hand look at the crime scene. What about Rahm Emanuel? What part did he play in this anti-gun program’s development?

Of course, the president should have known what was going on in his administration, right?

The release of these emails comes five days before AG Eric Holder will testify before Issa’s House Oversight Committee.

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7 Comments on “Friday Night Document Dump Indicates Eric Holder Knew the Details About ‘Fast & Furious’ Long Before He Claims to Have Known”

  1. Leatherneck Says:

    So, the UN loving globalists e-mail each other to be on board the same plan to weaken the United States. I’m shocked.

    I wonder if these same pukes are helping terrorist training camps continue their evil plans to attack soft targets in America. Why? To futher an agenda. Just like Fast, and I hate America’s Bill of Rights.

    • Gonzo Says:

      Perhaps that is best answered not by what they do, but by what they do not do.

      The UN does not seem the least bit interested in militant actions against terrorism.
      The UN wants to disarm law abiding world citizens, thus the UN does not want world citizens to be able to defend themselves from invading militant islamists.
      The UN is not sanctioning those countries that implement or ignore human rights violations against apostasy – with crimes against humanity only seeming (or highly, highly disproportional) occur against apostates from islam.
      The UN does not implement sanctions against countries that aid and give a home to terrorist camps. (Of course, in this area, more is happening in the US than nearly all US citizens are aware).
      The UN is not forming committees or investigative teams to acknowledge or investigate the advancement of militant islam.

      Of course, since the UN is highly influenced by islamic nations, none of this should be of any surprise. In fact, shouldnt ppl find it odd that those nations that engage in the worse forms of human rights violations, serve on the UN’s Human Rights Council and investigative committees?

      The UN is a paper tiger, and as more and more of the world’s nations fall prey to islamitization, the UN will be used to impose sanctions on the US.

      • Big Frank Says:

        They want to disarm us all so that they can more easily control us. IMHO this is on the top of the ‘to do list’ of the ‘New World Order’ cabal.

  2. tgusa Says:

    What is notable about this is they are running guns into Mexico and what does the Mexican guvmint have to say about it? Not a damn thing, really, what else would we expect? Mexico is the American leftists beotch. They do what they are told. They are not even a legitimate country.

  3. tgusa Says:

    As a result of multiculturalism we can no longer paint any issue with a broad brush. In my culture gun powder blazed the trail of my civilization. Only when there were enough guns did we see civilization materialize. If you look at other cultures and especially the cultures that were gun poor there was likely to be barbaric tribal savagery. I think the answer to this cultural difference is, you can take the man out of the culture but you may not be able to take the culture out of the man. Some people bitterly cling to a culture that is foreign to most of us. Multiculturalism make things complicated.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Democrats care little about us as the vast majority of us would never use a gun in a criminal fashion. No it is their own voters that Democrats are very afraid of. You know, those people over there, in that neighborhood. The crat hierarchy does not live in those neighborhoods they are across town living together in their own little sanctuaries, for now. Democrats must keep their constituency fed, drugged and above all disarmed.

    That’s one reason the Democrats call us terrorists for Tea Party tactics and philosophy. They are scared s******s that we will change the statist quo and thereby open crats up to attack. These err, voters, will mob them they are wholly uncivilized, they’re wild animals.

    • tgusa Says:

      So when you examine the situation you see that democrats are in a no win situation. They cannot crack down on those of us who they label terrorists as those people provide the support for their voters. They cannot crack down on their voters because doing that would alienate their constituency. In short, the leftist effete more than any of us are the 1 percent. They have alienated those of us on our side and they are one missed payment away from bringing down the mob on top of themselves.

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