Texas: CAIR Blaming Bare Naked Islam’s Blog For Terrorizing Them

Uh, yeah.  Whatever.  What a bunch of whiney milksops.  Ronin and I get death threats all the time from Muzzies.  You don’t see us whining about it, now do you?   Sheesh!  Grow a freakin’ spine, CAIR!

Anyway, be sure to head on over  and support BareNakedIslam’s blog by CLICKING HERE while you still can; after all, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Obama administration tries to shut him down and throw him in jail like that poor SOB who made that heretofore unknown anti-Islamic video which was scapegoated for the Benghazi massacre:


Threats against Muslims prompt extra security at Capitol
by Jessica Vess and Kenneth Null  – January 31, 2013 – KVUE

AUSTIN — A string of threats is prompting a boost in security at the State Capitol.

The threats are directed at hundreds of Muslims who are in Austin for ‘Muslim Day at the Capitol.’ They represent Islamic organizations and mosques from across the state of Texas.

According to the Texas Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), threats were posted online and also came in over the phone. Law enforcement stepped up protection, making additional Department of Public Safety troopers visible along the south steps of the building.

The Texas Muslims are visiting the Capitol to meet with lawmakers and ignite positive interactions. There have been similar rallies at the start of a new legislative session for a few years now. However this year, threats against the group escalated.

According to CAIR people started posting messages on a blog site called Bare Naked Islam a few weeks ago. Some people threatened gun violence. Others wrote about killing and capturing participants.

“We feel we are in the front lines,” explained President of the San Antonio CAIR chapter Sarwat Husain. “We are not doing anything wrong here. We are doing what anybody else does. So for anybody to feel threatened or not to like it, it is ridiculous. We are protecting our First Amendment [rights].”

Husain says about 300 Texas Muslims registered to attend ‘Muslim Day at the Capitol.’ Some backed out after the threats intensified.

“The fear is on both sides. Our community is afraid of the politicians, of the law enforcement, of the people in common, you know, because of all these threats. We also want to teach the politicians,” said Husain.

The threats are not new to the group. Back in 2011 CAIR says they called on the FBI to investigate similar messages posted on the same website, threatening mosques across the state. The group is asking law enforcement to look into who’s behind the online messages.

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4 Comments on “Texas: CAIR Blaming Bare Naked Islam’s Blog For Terrorizing Them”

  1. tgusa Says:

    The elusive fanatic that will, any minute now, attack muslims, its been ten long years, still waiting.

    “Muslims who are in Austin for ‘Muslim Day at the Capitol.” The Mad Hatters version of a tea party.

    It all depends on what your meaning of religion is. I don’t consider islam a religion in the western interpretation of the word. It’s similar to Scientology, only homicidal. Islam is an all encompassing cult with rigid rules governing every aspect of the followers lives.

    Christians and other religions don’t need to get together to make politicians, understand.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    As I have said before if nothing happens from time to time the members of ‘CAIR’ led by Mr. Hoople may very well have to keep victimizing themselves with false flag attacks.

  3. jim Says:

    There is no allah but satan,he has sent obama to destroy us.

  4. Leatherneck Says:

    Check all Mosques for weapons, and C-4.

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