Amid Looming “Catastrophic” Shutdown of the Federal Government, Obama Goes Golfing

Obviously, we don’t have a President.   We have a slacker-in-chief:

SadHill 02 Obama golfing through crisis

As Crisis Unfolds, Obama Sets Personal Golf Record
by KEITH KOFFLER – White House Dossier

As the House moved Saturday toward passing legislation that will likely result in a government shutdown, President Obama excused himself to play his customary Saturday golf, a round that set a record for most golf outings in a year since he became president.

It is perhaps emblematic of his declining influence on Capitol Hill that Obama chose not to work to affect the outcome of one of the most consequential pieces of legislation in years and instead engaged in his favorite recreational activity.


For the record, that’s 35 rounds of golf just this year, alone!   Obviously, this is another “historic” milestone for Obama, as his previous record for hitting the links was 34 in 2011. 

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7 Comments on “Amid Looming “Catastrophic” Shutdown of the Federal Government, Obama Goes Golfing”

  1. cavmom Says:

    I would like to think that out on the course he will not be signing any more EOs… But then again I am sure he has the old trusty autopen filling in for him.

  2. John M. Berger Says:

    I wish he’d spend the rest of his term on the golf course!

  3. tgusa Says:

    I would think that leftists would applaud this reduction of the federal carbon footprint. The US guvmint shuts down and the globe cools a half a degree or so. One more episode in the ongoing series aptly named, When Leftist Worlds Collide.

    Here is another.
    13 million firearms in circulation in Russia compared with an estimated 300 million in the USA.
    21,603 killings in 2009 in Russia.
    13,636 homicides in 2009 in the USA.

    Disclaimer: The US population is more than twice as large as that of Russia.
    Summation: Americans are not as bloodthirsty as Russians.

    • Big Frank Says:

      As a nation due to the present political climate we have our ‘problems’, however the Russian Federation has massive problems in their society, corruption, unemployment and poverty abound, alcohol and drug abuse are rampant, there is a lot of chaos in the outer areas, and they have a huge Muslim problem. Russia has a long way to go to be brought up to ‘Western’ standards. Even in our present state there is no comparison.

  4. tgusa Says:

    I have lost all respect for authority that I may have had in the past. However, if I ever had any respect for authority I wouldn’t respect ours corruptocrat authorities. But even if I had respect for corruptocrat authority I still wouldn’t respect ours.

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