An Open Letter to Senator John McCain

Today, I received a letter from Sen. McCain.  Naturally, it was just another form letter designed to scare Republicans out of their hard-earned money:

From:  John McCain
To:  DoctorBulldog_mail(at)YAHOO.COM


Barack Obama and the Democrats are falsely claiming a mandate from last year’s election in order to continue to advance their ultra-left agenda of ever-expanding government, massive deficits, and class warfare.

We must act immediately to strengthen and expand our Party for the 2013-2014 election cycle. And we must remain true to our conservative principles so that we can put brakes on the disastrous policies of a second-term Obama administration.

I am determined to do whatever I can to ensure our Party has the resources to win in future elections. That’s why I’ve asked the Republican National Committee if I can write to you today to urge you to support the RNC’s efforts to elect Republicans at all levels in the 2013-2014 elections.

By acting today, you will be reaffirming your personal commitment to stand up for an America where low taxes, free enterprise, limited government, individual responsibility, and a strong military are the building blocks to a prosperous and secure future for our nation and our families.

Barack Obama campaigned on the promise that he would bring our country together, reach beyond partisanship to solve our country’s critical problems.

Instead, President Obama has proven to be one of the most divisive leaders our nation has ever seen.

The bottom line is this: We need your personal commitment today to help ensure that we elect Republicans who will fight for the initiatives and policies that will build a strong America and stop Barack Obama and the Democrats’ misguided policies.

With 38 governorships, 35 Senatorial, 435 Congressional and thousands of offices at stake up-and-down the ballot, we will need to spend tens of millions of dollars on candidate recruitment, opposition research, voter identification and grassroots organizing.

It is often said that “elections have consequences,” and never has that been truer than what we are witnessing now. Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress have clearly shown that they are determined to take our country down a far-reaching, radical and destructive path.

Right now, nothing is more critical than stopping them.

Please contribute $14 today to help provide the foundation for Republican victories in 2014.

John McCain

Naturally, I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to respond to Comrade McCain.  Below is my response:

Dear John McCain,

I voted for you and ex-Governor Palin in 2008.  I am sorry that you lost.  Not because I thought you, personally, would make a great President, but because I believed, and still believe, that ex-Governor Palin would have MADE you a great President!

That being said, if you and your Neo-Progressive GOP establishment were legitimately serious about putting the brakes on the Democrats’ and the Obama Administration’s disastrous, Communist policies, then you most certainly would have fully supported Senator Ted Cruz and his pseudo filibuster!

Yet, you failed to support him.  In fact, you fatuously belittled Sen. Cruz in a most public way!  Shame on you and the entire Neo-Progressive GOP establishment! You are part of the problem, John.  You and the Neo-Progressive GOP establishment are out of touch with the majority of Americans.

Currently, the largest ideological group in America is not Moderate nor Liberal; it’s Conservative.  Think about that.  You are disenfranchising 40 percent of America, my friend!

John, you have been handed a golden opportunity to make history and revive a GOP which is currently in its death-throes.   You will not be able to save the patient unless you assiduously and legitimately embrace the Tea Party Conservatives, thus breathing new life into the GOP.  I don’t care what you’ve been told or think; the GOP will not survive without incorporating the Tea Party Conservatives in a very real and meaningful way.

Also, quit worrying about appeasing and kowtowing to the “Lame Stream Media” (as ex-Gov. Palin likes to call them).  It’s absolutely embarrassing.  How’s that strategy working out for you, John?  What are you?   A man or a puppet?

The LSM is the bastard love child of Communism.   President Ronald Reagan (the second greatest President, ever, in my humble opinion) NEVER kowtowed to Communism in any form.  Neither should you.  Furthermore, you will NEVER appease the LSM as long as you claim ownership of that “R” next to your name on the ballot.  So, either stop your vain attempts at mollifying the LSM, or come out of the closet and declare yourself a Democrat in order to garner favoritism from a far-Left leaning LSM.   One or the other, John.  

Tangentially, your seemingly constant state of obsequiousness to the LSM has me wondering,  do you really think so maladroitly of your constituents that you actually think you need to get the LSM on your side in order to win an election?  They are NEVER on your side, yet you still keep winning your coveted Senate seat.  So, what’s the deal with all that fatuous suck-up-ism?

Face it, John, the GOP establishment is dead unless it genuinely supports and embraces the Tea Party Conservative movement which has swept America in the past few years.  No, I don’t mean merely paying Conservatives a bunch of lip service while surreptitiously sawing off their legs in order to fit them into a Procrustean bed designed by a group of misguided, egotistical Neo-Progressive GOP’ers.  Make your guest beds longer, my friend, not your guests’ legs shorter!

True comradeship within the ENTIRE Republican Party is the golden key you and your Neo-Progressive GOP establishment seems to have lost.  What I am saying is that you MUST veraciously and unquestionably support and embrace the Tea Party Conservatives in order to save the GOP!  No more hollow words or empty promises.  No more backstabbing and fatuous belittlement of Tea Party Conservatives.  No more elitism and backroom deals.

Until such a time as that, you and the rest of your Progressive GOP buddies will get NO HELP from the likes of me, nor from the likes of most Conservatives and Moderates.

I believe it was Lee Atwater who popularized the term, “The Big Tent.”  Well,  don’t you think it’s about time that your Big Tent genuinely provide accommodations for the Right, too, instead of just pretending it does when it really doesn’t?

– Doctor Bulldog

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10 Comments on “An Open Letter to Senator John McCain”

  1. gary23902003 Says:

    I hope you really sent this. Not that it will do any good if you did, as I feel McCain’s best days are waaayy behind him. With all due respect for his service, RINOs have to go, and I mean NOW!

    • Yup, I sent it to him. However, I’m fairly certain one of his interns will just file it in the trash. That’s why I posted it here; so that at least he might have a chance to see it.


  2. boudicabpi Says:

    Reblogged this on Boudica BPI Weblog and commented:
    An Open Letter to Senator John McCain

  3. LOL! Great Response! Polite, yet intestine-ripping, ball-stompingly awesome!

  4. siberiansurfer/aka/tgusa Says:

    Wasn’t long ago that McCain was partying with Syrian jihadists. Those would be the same anti government wacko birds who are and have been attacking, torturing and killing government officials and those deemed to be their emissaries. Jonnies kids don’t like the government they have over there, they never do. They have their own ideas about what kind of system they will enforce if they and John succeed. Torture murderers, yes! Tea party, no! If John were not out of touch he wouldn’t have any touch at all.

    If JM really supports these jihadists why not show it, take away his daughters drivers license and permission to leave the house without male accompaniment for starters.

    No need to send this response along the NSA will forward it to all inappropriate parties, but not the Tea Party, of course. The Tea Party are in touch with reality so go eat your heart out John McCain!

  5. Big Frank Says:

    IMHO Mr. McCain is a Quisling and a tool of the ”enemy within’, he is worse than the everyday balless RINO.

  6. siberiansurfer/aka/tgusa Says:

    Chances are, even if you send it the imbeciles at the post office will never deliver this mail anyway. Right now I am watching an Ebay package circle the wrong zip code. The tracker sez it will be delivered today but night after night it returns to Anaheim. I don’t think English is even read there. I will probably never see this part and I lost a customer over it. Jackasses!

    Please, be my doctor!

  7. siberiansurfer/aka/tgusa Says:

    A massive cluster@#$%. Complete and total dysfunction, I think that is part of the DC plan. They along with these others will wreck your entire state!

    If you let them.

  8. Reblogged this on TheSmallVoiceOfPolitics and commented:
    I personally love letters to our leaders, glad to see I am not the only one calling them out.

  9. hughetorrance Says:

    Don’t you realize that your two party system is just as corrupt and deceitful as the British three party system,they are all liars and it does not matter who you vote for “THE GOVERNMENT GETS IN”

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