Resist islam smartly

There seems to have been a problem at an islamic center in Tennessee maybe even arson. I am all about resisting the dangerous cult we know as islam but it should be done in a smarter way. Calling out the people on city counsels, planning commissions etc that support such an archaic and dangerous cult without first learning what it is proves their incompetence and they should be immediately taken out of a leadership position.

I am around muslims on a weekly basis; several are friends and that is one of the reasons that I protect my identity. I am not worried about a blood crazed savage attacking me; I have easily handled the best warriors that islam has sent against me. I worry about my friends. Violence begets violence and should never be a first choice. The solution is to prove to the ones smart enough to understand that mohammed was a fool a dangerous, self-serving fool.

Befriend the muslims and lead them safely away from the cult. Resist with the one force that islam fears – the truth, exposure of who and what mohammed represents will crush islam just like a can of raid on a cockroach, there is rarely a need to stoop to the levels of violence that muslims are so quick to use.

BY MARK BELL, 29 Aug 10, Daily News Journal
An apparent case of arson to a piece of construction equipment at the site of the proposed Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was being investigated Saturday by the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Sheriff’s department Lt. Randy Groce, who was at the site on Veals Road at Bradyville Pike Saturday morning, told The Daily News Journal that it was unclear “exactly what we’ve got here,” and declined further comment until more facts could be gathered. It was unclear whether the sheriff’s department or ATF would lead the investigation, he added.

The incident marks the latest twist in an increasingly volatile debate surrounding the efforts of the local Muslim community to build a much larger house of worship — almost 53,000 square feet long term in the buckle of the Bible Belt.

While some opposition has come from those expressing concerns about infrastructure impact and traffic, a good deal of it also comes from those directly attacking Islam and implying that such a mosque will be a haven for terrorists.
-Probably not terrorists but haters of freedom, tolerance and individual rights. The vast majority of muslims will never commit an act of terror but the vast majority of them will attempt to suppress freedom, tolerance and individual rights.

Islamic Center spokeswoman Camie Ayash said the most recent vandalism to the site “takes it to a whole new level.” A sign marking the site of the future Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has been vandalized twice in the past several months. It’s been a startling turn of events for a religious group that has had a peaceful presence here for decades.

“Everyone in our community no longer feels safe,” Ayash said. “To set a fire that could have blown up equipment and, God forbid, spread and caused damage to the neighbors there … we really feel like this is something that we and neighbors don’t deserve. When they (ICM officials) called me this morning, I started crying.”

Crime scene tape surrounded several pieces of construction equipment at the site around 10:30 a.m. Saturday. Investigators searched the scene for clues that might help lead them to the person or persons responsible.

Ayash said that Islamic Center officials were contacted by the sheriff’s department around 1:30 a.m. Saturday in reference to the damaged equipment. It appeared gasoline had been poured on several pieces of equipment at the site and one was lit on fire.

Ayash said it appeared the responsible arsonist was spooked during the act and fled the scene before other equipment could be set on fire.

“I think they lifted the hood and poured gas into the hood and set it on fire,” Ayash said. “The other equipment had gasoline poured on it but was not set on fire. It seems like it was intentional. Probably, whoever did it got caught in the middle of the act, got scared and left.”

Authorities working the scene did not specify whether gasoline or some other accelerant was used to start the fire that gutted the engine area of an earth hauler. Calls to ATF and Groce for comment Saturday went unanswered.

Islamic Center officials contacted the FBI and Department of Homeland Security Saturday, according to Ayash, and sheriff’s investigators “told us they will be investigating this as a hate crime.” Ayash later said sheriff’s officials “asked her to correct her statement,” adding they plan to explore several different motives while investigating the apparent arson. The FBI did not acknowledge whether it is investigating the matter.

The Muslim congregation seeks to build the larger facility because it says it has outgrown its current home in 2,250 square feet on Middle Tennessee Boulevard about a block west of South Church Street.

The project includes a 10,000-square-foot Phase I plan for a mosque and multi-purpose facility, and the congregation hopes to eventually build classrooms for religious instruction, a gym, indoor pool. The exterior plans at the 15-acre location include a sports field, outdoor tennis/basketball court, playground, pavilion and cemetery.

Ayash said it appears the intention of the arsonist was to scare members of the Islamic community.

The spokeswoman said Islamic Center officials have tried, unsuccessfully, to contact construction company, Ole South Properties Inc., about the arson.

“They did hurt the construction company,” Ayash said. “It’s not hurting us. It did put us in a fearful state, so they did accomplish that. I don’t understand where this is coming from.”

The arson at the site of the future mosque had already garnered national media attention by Saturday evening, with CBS News picking up reports from Nashville media outlets. reported firefighters were alerted to the scene Saturday morning by a passerby who saw flames at the site.

Digging has begun at the site, which is planned as a place of worship for the approximately 250 Muslim families. The site of the new mosque is located directly beside a Baptist church.
-Everyone opposed to the mosque should join that church. As long as the pastor understands and admits that nothing in islam is compatible with Christianity and that there is no need to change to appease the new neighbors. The Baptists should continue with dinner on the grounds, not stopping during ramandan or any other islamic ritual. Be yourselves, right in their face. Be a friend without being weak.

Meanwhile, Fox17 News reported Friday that Laurie Cardoza-Moore, a spokeswoman for a group opposing the new Islamic Center, has received death threats since she began speaking out against the mosque. She told Fox17 she believes the threats are
in direct response to her opinions about the mosque.

Cardoza-Moore, who is from Williamson County but spoke at last month’s Rutherford County Commission meeting, was recently interviewed on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” in a segment called “Tennessee No Evil” in which
she said Islam is not a religion, but a political movement.

Rutherford County resident Kevin Fisher, who has led protest efforts against the mosque on the grounds of infrastructure concerns and a lack of transparency in the county’s planning approval process, issued a statement after learning of the apparent arson on Saturday.

“We in this community believe strongly in the rule of law, and choose to settle our disagreements through peaceful deliberations and discussion, not vigilantism. While it isn’t yet known who may/may not have done this or why, I have full confidence in
both local law enforcement and the ATF to find out what happened, why it happened, and bring that person/those persons to justice.

“I would strongly encourage anyone who may know anything about this incident to notify law enforcement. Until then, I believe it’s important to withhold premature judgment, accusations or wild speculation until law enforcement has had an opportunity to do their investigation, and all relevant facts are made known.
-Good call, although this looks like an act of an anti islamic vigilante, we have seen reports of muslims committing these kinds of attacks to help further their commonly seen we are victims ploy.

“We who stand in opposition to this mosque have made our concerns known through proper legal channels and have conducted ourselves with dignity, respect and out of a spirit of love for our community, and we will continue to do so.”

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34 Comments on “Resist islam smartly”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    I am all for non muslims to reject islam.

    My opinion is that it is a ‘racist’ idiot or one of the moslems who are committing the arsons.

    I doubt its one of our fellow ‘Anti moslem’ guys…

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    I bet it was the Muslim who did it too.

    Check out the horns of the bull on top of the Mosque. In the early September sky, the horns of the bull will appear, and Ramadan will officially be over.

    It is also known as the fingernail of the god. Pure paganism. Hubal, Sin, or Allah is the moon god, and it’s symbol is the crescent moon.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    Yes the possibility of a false flag attack is nothing new to political/religious movements. It’s a common method used to garner sympathy and a lot of coverage from the Liberal, Leftist MSM. The timing would be perfect due to the GZ Mosque controversy.

  4. Bob Says:

    Not that I would ever commit arson (when necessary, I prefer a more direct approach) but as long as it’s already going, burn baby burn.

  5. PB-in-AL Says:

    Remember the imam in Australia who kicked in his own door, forgetting that he had a surveillance camera on it? Or how about the lefty that threw the brick through the democrat congresscritter’s window, but the MSM tried to say it was a tebagger. Or how about:

    – the taxi driver slasher
    – the Carnahan firebomber
    – etc., etc.

    Yeah, I’d say there’s a precedent that might have us lean toward an inside job to set up the opposition as the perpetrator.

  6. csb Says:

    The Koran is certainly an unpleasant read. But the God of the Bible spends the first 5 books committing genocide, reduces the right of women (sexist), looks down on other races (racist), hates homosexuals (homophobic). Guess none of you guys were beaten up as a kid on the basis of ‘spare the rod spoil the child’. The Bible and the Koran are both books of fairy stories. Not that you’ll allow this comment on your page eh?

    • Ronin Says:

      Wrong on several counts:

      Your post was allowed.

      Your attempt at an apple vs oranges comparison is as false as your understanding of our rules. If you want a real comparison between ideologies and religions, base it on the here and now. There are no large intolerant Jewish or Christian organizations calling for worldwide dominance by force if necessary. Islam has a 1400 history of intolerance with outsiders and continues to threaten, oppress and encourage violence today. There has never been a working islamic society, all have oppressed their own and outsiders, that trend continues today. In all the years, I have worked on this site I just needed a few minutes to find another example of muslims harming others to support their view of islam. Rarely have I seen calls by other belief systems for violence. Islam has an effective political arm, an effective militant/terrorism arm and an effective propaganda arm and an effective global criminal arm to help finance it, the others you mentioned do not.

      Condemn organized religion if you wish but be honest with your comparisons.

  7. islams not for me Says:

    Hmmm rather poor choice of words ‘csb’ because frankly atheists believe in a fairy tale. (Evolution), Thier morality based off of humanism is lacking (abortion, drugs, alcohol abuse,) And of course the liberal / humanistic ideals of a state run child care system (child abuse by caregivers working for the state, state run adoption agencies during the 1900s and so forth.)

    And by the way your a great example of passive support of islam…

  8. Hiba Jameel Says:

    Well, I am so offended, I am a muslim woman and I am not what you say about muslims. I am very tolerant, strong supporter of freedom and individual rights and I cried heavily when explosion happened because people get hurt and this is the last I want for people. I have a community of international friend and never judged anyone for any orientation they may have. There are a lot of muslims like this including my family.

    Your article is a huge sign of ignorance and short sighted. You must educate yourself and as a smart person you should know better. No muslim has attacked your belief so dont attack theirs.


    • Ronin Says:

      I am offended every time:

      I read of another honor murder.

      I read of another person turned into a sex slave

      See another story of an abused child, and worse see the abuse praised because mohammed did the same thing.

      I see a call for a free society to replace its values and laws with a primitive seventh century rule set, a system designed to oppress, restrict and threaten.

      I could do this all day but I will save time by saying that if I tried the opposite, if I tried to find anything good about your cult it would be a very short list.

      Mostly I am offended when individual muslims point out how tolerant they are when they do nothing to change the image of islam. To solve any problem you must first realize that you have one. If you want to impress me stop the bull and help. Until muslims start turning in radical clerics, point out terrorism supporters operating freely in their neighborhoods and expose the muslims breaking laws governing the rights of spouses, children. Stop wasting our time telling us how wonderful you are and protect your own people from abuse.

      You are a disgrace; you claim to be tolerant and have modern values but ignore the pain your ideology caused. You are offended by our assessment of islam, are you out of your mind? Do you think we do anything but report what we see; your problem is with muslims, not us. . You have some nerve lady, get off your ass and help or shut the hell up. I am offended that people like you continue to defend a system that can never be defended.

      • hiba Says:

        WEll, no need for offensive words, I am human the way you are and if you are as civilized as you claim you are then you would have selected your words like a civilized modern person does when talking to a lady.

        But I agree with you, what you have pointed out exist in muslim community and I do not agree with. actually I am the first victim of all this because I exist there, and when you talk you should have listened to real people in these communities not some media and researchers said so. And yes, I do my best to help, my mouth and hands never stop working towards a better muslim community.

        My point of view, the points you mentioned is not within Islam ( but within most muslims), the real Islam did not say that, I have evidence to argue with, but muslim people did this and claim that Islam said so. Honor Crimes are major sins in Islam, Child abuse is as such. and the rest of the menu is not Islam practice, they are man made, and I will never abide by them.

        You claim that my ideology cause pain, first of all I do not adopt this ideology, my ideology is ( love peace & harmony) Real Islam said so too. AND!!! I always say this with no fear though I might got killed. I helped a lot change their mind and adopt another perspective.

        If one day we spoke in person, you will see the real Islam, I will show you from books and Sharea, not some head covered i dont know who preaching people to kill and abuse.

        Again, what you said is not completely wrong, infact, you are right…. I am there and I see what happenes everyday.

        Pointing at sex slavery, muslims are not angels, But come to Iraq and see what the americans do there, one american tried to turn me into this but thanks God i have a brain to get me out of this, yet, I did not kill him though I still suffer the shock.

        We really must talk in person or online one day. What I want from you is not judging me from what the people I live with do, I am abided by islam laws that tells me to love and help people and help the world, to build the world, I do not know any law says distroy and hurt and kill. I always say that in public.


        • Ronin Says:

          Save it lady. I know as much about islam as I need to know, in fact I know enough to see right through your game. I have been blogging about your cult for years; I have heard every lie, counter lie and excuse that can be used to defend islam, many times.

          One mistake most visitors make is that I know nothing about islam or muslims. Having lived, with them, fought along side them, protected them and killed them, I think I have a unique perspective. I have met muslims of many cultures, histories and sects. I have met many more through this site.

          Most so-called moderate muslim visitors to our site stick to the same script that you do. Being non-violent does not make you or any of them moderate. Islam without terrorism still deserves to be scorned,

          The entire cult of islam has been nothing but a blight on humanity. Islams evil ideology has been used since mohammed invented it to suppress human rights, oppress people, cultures and incite violence in its name.

          Modern islamic nations follow the same pattern as its historical forefathers and with the same results.

          The problem with the negative image we have of islam and muslims is a direct result of watching, observing and reading islamic texts. Your issue with me is not that I misunderstand islam, your problem is that I understand exactly what islam is.

          Founded by a liar, a thief, a scoundrel, a pedophile, a rapist, a warlord and conman, islam needs to be looked at through modern eyes not the eyes of a seventh century savage. Mohammed should have been charged for his numerous crimes and put too death. Certainly, mohammed was no prophet sent by an all-knowing and loving deity.

          Mohammeds lack of morals, his low character and the simple fact that he never changed but grew worse as he aged is enough proof for modern man to ask why a loving deity would pick such a piss poor excuse as a messenger. BTW, his current messengers are also scum. I have nothing good to say about the respected, learned islamic clerics turned out by islams leadings schools in saudi arabia and egypt just to name a few.

          Cartoons, burning books, victory mosques, honor murders, death threats, modified histories, demands for special status, protection from ridicule and calls for modern man to bend to a seventh century archaic legal system, all are just additional reasons that I will never stop exposing muslims in the act of being muslims.

          If you really want to better your cult, then do so. Expose the terrorists and extremists in your neighborhoods, bring attention to muslims living in the west but violating laws governing multiple wives, young wives, expose the criminals sending support to the global criminal enterprise that hides just under the surface. Do those things and we will notice, spout more BS about what we do not understand and you will prove to everyone here that you are part of the problem not the solution. Until islam changes and muslims alter their behavior islam cannot be defended.

          • AYSHA Says:

            There is but one God and allah is not him, the pedophile mohammed was a monster. I dare my family to honor kill me.

  9. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    * my ideology is ( love peace & harmony) Real Islam said so too

    Unfortunately, “unreal” islam, as propagated by allah and its false prophet via the koran has some significant differences to the “real” version you claim to follow. allah’s version can be found in the koran, if you care to read it.

    • hiba Says:

      This is interesting… Really!
      I am reading the Quran and I find it encouraging me for peace and love for others. If you are christian or a jew, the profit forbid muslims to hurt Christains of jews those who agreed with him not to hurt muslims, He said ” he who hurt thummi ( christain or Jew) hurts me” this is one of the Islamnic laws of living with others with peace of harmony. and I have other evidence. As long as I am concerned, I am following those laws because I believe this is the real path to heaven, not the swored and violence.

      Well, you made me even more eager to show you the “real ” meaning of the Quran which promotes for the ” real” Islam. Still in agreement with you though, what “most ” people are practicing is politics not religion.

      Looking for further comments


  10. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    Here is the “unreal islam”, from allah via the false prophet Mohammed, and practiced by 1.x billion people:

    Straight from allah’s north and south, channelled via Mo:

    9:29 “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

    If allah backs off, and publicly retracts his kill / convert / extract protection money orders, I will have a change of opinion about it, and its murderous / mafia like followers, but unless or until then, allah is at war with me, my family, my friends and billions of humans who do not submit or pay into its protection racket.


  11. hiba Says:


    Still have an answer to that, let copy it to english and post to you, the meaning of what I am going to post is ” Allah will not hold you responsible for those ( non-muslims) who swore not to hurt muslims or their religion or ideology.

    It is coming so sit back and watch.

    Thanks for sharing your openions.

  12. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    Incidentally, hiba, if you are complying a rule set in the belief that you are on the “real path to heaven”, you are very much mistaken, for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified:

    “For on the ground of obedience to Law no man living will be declared righteous before Him. Law simply brings a sure knowledge of sin.” (Romans 3:20)

    Following on, sin pays a wage, which is death:

    “For the wages paid by Sin are death;…”

    That is the bad news, and applies to everyone, regardless of race or religion. It is an exercise in futility to obey sharia law, or any form of law in the hope of entering Heaven. It is not on the table, except via charlatans such as allah and Mohammed.

    But here is the Good News, based on what Jesus Christ did on the cross, bearing the punishment for our sins, that we might be saved:

    “… but God’s free gift is the Life of the Ages bestowed upon us in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
    (Romans 6:23)

    This is what allah, Mohammed and muslims mock and blaspheme against, denying that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and denying that He was crucified.

    You do not have to submit to allah and its law based counterfeit. You are free to choose salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

    Choose wisely, and freely, hiba. Time is running out.

  13. islams not for me Says:

    Its perfectly fine being offended hiba about what Ronin, Mullah and myself have to say about islam. But have you ever considered what muslims say about Christians, Jews, Athiests and so forth? I spent a considerable amount of time reading up about islam online, in the quran and hadiths. They donot respect Christians or Jews. It is moslems like Ahmed Deedat who turned me off from islam. And I have spent a portion of my time refuting his verbal poisions agianst Christianity and other religions.

    Islam as a Theocratic system has failed you and 1.4 billion other moslems. It is this Theocratic system that we non muslims donot need as a Governing body over our lives and it is why we reject it and its sharia.

    hiba is one of a growing variety of individuals who are trying to ‘Westernize’ Islam and to remove its sharia political components.

    Of course in trying to remove the long rotten corpse of immorality, warfare and Theocratic rule islam started with in the first place she is in reality making islam a shadom of its former ‘glory’.

    I applaud you for trying to reform islam but alias dear hiba…

    Islam needs to go away.

  14. rimsha Says:

    I am just another mulsim asshole using two accounts to agree with myself. Islam sucks almost as much as I do.

  15. AYSHA Says:


  16. islams not for me Says:

    aysha / rimsha

    I have every right to criticize, test and doubt islam or any religion. Its called the Frist Amendment of the American Constitution.

    Dont like that tough…

  17. islams not for me Says:

    LOL! aysha and ‘rim-shot’ got busted!

    In other words aysha dont mess with Ronin and ya wont get your comments messed with!

  18. Leatherneck Says:

    Ronin showed up, beat the enemy, and sent them back to their Mommie!

    Thank you Sir. The only way I can see this getting any better, is if you can figure out how to reach through the Internet, and rip their heads off. I guess that would get blood everywhere, and I know this is a family website. One can dream.

  19. A human Says:

    Lier he never diid I want evidence don’t say anything without knowing..

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