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Future Vice President Paul Ryan on Islamic Fascism

13 August, 2012

There certainly has been a plethora of articles coming out about Mittler R’omni’s VP pick, Paul Ryan.  However, I have yet to find one which addresses Congressman Ryan’s views on Islam.

Since I am very much interested in how he views Islam, I spent some time digging around and have settled upon an item he wrote back in 2006 concerning the phrase “Islamic Fascism.”  

The article gives one of the most comprehensive overviews of his mindset concerning Islam.

Although he, like Bush, Jr., is fatuously under the mistaken assumption that Islam has been hijacked by Islamic radicals, he certainly won’t be supporting the current regime’s politically correct blackout concerning the use of any terms which might describe the enemy as being Islamic:

Defining the Threat We Face
by Congressman Paul Ryan – via RyanForCongress

A debate has been raging about what to call our enemy – the terrorists and radical Muslim leaders who have committed themselves to bringing death and destruction to America, Israel, and allied democracies. President Bush has used the term “Islamic fascists” to describe the threat we face, while Senator Feingold argues that phrase is offensive and misleading. While I respect Russ and consider him a friend, I strongly disagree with his premise.

Words matter, especially when defining the multifaceted enemy that extends beyond national boundaries and operates as a network of jihadists waging war on the West. If we can’t even define what we are fighting against, how are we ever going to win? For this reason, we must strive to use the most accurate term – not necessarily the most politically correct one.

“Islamic fascism” expresses the essence of the violent, extremist, religion-driven movement that confronts us. Both words apply, but they must be used together in order to convey the proper meaning and make the crucial distinction between peaceful Muslims and the murderous extremists of al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and similar groups that distort Islam and seek to dominate or destroy those who disagree with them.

Although the term “fascist” has often been misused, carelessly or consciously, the traditional understanding of fascism as exemplified by Mussolini’s Italy, Nazi Germany, and Franco’s Spain is a governing philosophy that is totalitarian, imperialistic, and militaristic. Fascism rejects the governing system and modern society, is hierarchical, and pursues the subordination of the individual. It’s also fueled by racism, anti-Semitism, and resentment kindled by defeats or perceived loss of power.

Stephen Morris, a fellow at JohnsHopkinsUniversity’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, has written that fascism “refers to a revolutionary political mass movement or regime that aims to achieve national greatness by radically transforming political and social life with totalitarian rule and by a policy of imperial expansion. Fascist ideology is reactionary in that it aspires to re-create a mythical past.”

Those who lived in Afghanistan under the Taliban and those who experienced pre- and post-revolutionary Iran can testify to the radical transformation that occurs under such regimes, as well as the loss of personal freedom.

Although it is admittedly not a perfect comparison with past fascist regimes, today we can see in al Qaeda’s brutal actions and revealing statements the militancy; disregard for individual life, liberty, and established law; and appeal for the restoration of lost greatness that are characteristic of fascism. A statement by al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on the war in Lebanon, posted this summer on a jihadist website, notes that: “The war with Israel is not about a treaty, a cease-fire agreement, Sykes-Picot borders, national zeal, or disputed borders. It is rather a jihad for the sake of God until the religion of God is established. It is a jihad for the liberation of Palestine, all Palestine, as well as every land that was a home for Islam, from Andalusia to Iraq. The whole world is an open field for us.”

In this declaration and others by radical Muslim groups we can see that we are dealing with a strain of fascism based on an explicitly religious ideology. This sets it apart from what we have observed in the past, where fascist regimes were rooted in nationalism rather than religion.


Al-Shabaab Muzzies Kill 17, Wound More Than 40 Christians in Attack on Two Churches in Obama’s Kenya

1 July, 2012

More interfaith dialogue from the religion of piss & vinegar:

H/T – Leatherneck

Muslim Radicals Kill 17 Christians, Attack Two Churches in Kenya

Washington, D.C. (July1, 2012) –International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that that suspected members of the Islamic radical group, Al-Shabaab, attacked two churches and killed 17 Christians in Garissa, Kenya today. The attacks took place during the Sunday morning worship services of the churches.

Many people were injured and rushed to Garissa Provincial hospital. More people might die as they undergo treatment,” said Pastor Ibrahim Magunyi of the East Africa Pentecostal Church who has confirmed the incident to ICC.

The Islamists killed two policemen guarding the African Inland Church before entering the church. Then they threw grenades at the Christian worshipers and shot at them, killing 15 members of the church. In an apparently coordinated attack, the Islamists also threw grenades at the town’s Roman Catholic Church.


UK Arrests Muzzy Boaters in Suspected Plot to Disrupt Olympics

29 June, 2012

I get a kick out of how the journalists attempt to distance the Muzzy jihadists from Islam by making sure we all know that these two are “converts” to Islam.  Would they be so apologetic if Christian converts were to blame?

London 2012 Olympics: Muslim converts held over ‘Games plot’
Two Muslim converts have been arrested in East London on suspicion of plotting an attack against the London 2012 Olympic Games canoeing venue.
By Duncan Gardham and Andrew Hough –

Sources told The Daily Telegraph that the arrests were based on a tip-off after men were seen behaving suspiciously close to the venue in Waltham Abbey, Hertfordshire on Monday.

Hertfordshire police officers began combing the banks after three men were seen in a dinghy on the River Lea.

The two men, aged 18 and 32, were arrested at separate residential addresses in east London, by officers from the Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism Command, at 7am on Thursday.

They were detained under the Terrorism Act 2000 on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism and held at a central London police station. Officers were last night searching two addresses in East London.

A friend of the arrested men named the 18-year-old as Jamal ud-Din and said the older man was someone he knew only as “Zakariya.”

Hmm…  A quick internet search of “Jamal Uddin” led me to this photo from the

Gee, notice any resemblance?  Yup, that’s right, Jamaal is a busy, busy, little activist Muzzy.

(Too bad Allah forgot to ban explosives) 

Mizanur Rahman, 29, said the arrests “might have had something to do with the fact that they recently went canoeing” on the River Lea, a branch of which runs through the Olympic site in east London.

“It’s just people trying to get into the Olympic spirit,” he told the Associated Press but added he believed the authorities would try “painting it as jihad training.”

[Insert yer jokes here…]

Residents living in the Hazlemere marina, near the Olympic canoeing venue, reported a significant police operation, involving up to 30 officers, had been launched after several men were seen behaving suspiciously in a dinghy on Monday night.

It took detectives another two days before dawn raids were carried out in East London.


Tampa Florida: Muzzy From Kosovo Arrested in Bomb Plot

9 January, 2012

Another one of those “misunderstanders,” I guess:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Man charged with Tampa car bomb plot
Kosovar immigrant planned Ybor, South Tampa blasts

A staff report

TAMPA – A chilling terrorist plot ended with the weekend arrest of a 25-year-old immigrant from Kosovo, FBI agents say. Sami Osmakac allegedly told undercover investigators that he wanted to “die the Islamic way” after attacking locations in Ybor City and South Tampa.

According to the FBI, Osmakac is a naturalized U.S. citizen who now lives in Pinellas Park. Agents were tipped off to the possible plot in September.

The five-month investigation culminated with a sting operation on Saturday. Osmakac was arrested after he allegedly took possession of explosives and firearms that had been rendered inoperable by law enforcement.

Among Osmakac’s alleged bomb targets were nightclubs in the Ybor City area of Tampa, the operations center of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Ybor City, and a business in the South Tampa area.

As part of the second portion of his planned attack, Osmakac allegedly told the undercover FBI employee that, after the car bomb was detonated, he wanted to wear an explosive belt and “get in somewhere where there’s a lot of people” and take hostages.

“Once I have this…they can take me in five million pieces,” he allegedly added, in an apparent reference to a suicide blast.

Osmakac’s family, however, denied the allegations. His father, who owns the Balkan Food Store & Bakery in St. Petersburg, told FOX 13 his son had become more religious recently, but insisted he had no weapons.

He did confirm that federal agents had searched his home over the weekend.

According to the FBI, the plot unfolded through several meetings with undercover sources and agents:

  •  September: FBI agents receive information from a confidential human source indicating that Osmakac had asked for al-Qaeda flags.
  • November: Osmakac and the FBI source discuss and identify potential targets in Tampa. Osmakac allegedly asks the source for help in obtaining firearms and explosives for the attacks.
  •  December 21: Osmakac tells an undercover FBI employee that he wants an AK-47-style machine gun, Uzi submachine guns, high capacity magazines, grenades, and an explosive belt. Allegedly, he later makes a $500 down payment.
  • January 1: Osmakac allegedly outlines his attack. He wants to get a hotel room; park a vehicle with a bomb in it at his target, leave the area, detonate the car bomb, and then retrieve weapons and explosives from the hotel room.

It was during that New Year’s Day meeting when the undercover FBI employee noted that Osmakac could change his mind and back out of the plot. According to investigators, Osmakac immediately shook his head and said, “We all have to die, so why not die the Islamic way?”

Saturday, FBI agents arrested Osmakac after he took possession of the explosive devices and firearms, which had been neutralized without his knowledge.

Investigators also say Osmakac made a video of himself explaining his motives for carrying out the planned attack.  They did not divulge details about the message, but other videos posted online show a man who appears to be Osmakac railing against infidels and even assaulting members of the outspoken Westboro Baptist Church.

Osmakac faces one charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. He is due to make his first appearance in federal court at 2 p.m.

Nigeria: 20 Christians Murdered By Muslims

8 January, 2012

This was not done without the direct support of the islamic community in Nigeria.

It is starting to look like another Nigerian Civil War is imminent. When the pictures of the dead and dying start hitting the global media, do not give to charities serving the muslim north, they will just buy ammunition. Once we identify charities that serve the Christian south we will let you know.

Matthew Onah, John Shiklam and Michael Olugbode, 8 January 2012, allAfrika
At least 20 more people were killed at the weekend in fresh attacks suspected to have been carried out by the terrorist Boko Haram sect in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno States.

The terrorists attacked the Christ Apostolic Church, Nasarawo Parish, Jimeta-Yola in Adamwa State, on Friday evening, killing over 12 persons.

They also shot and killed four persons in another raid in Lamurde, about 80 kilometres away from Yola, the Adamawa State capital.

In another attack in Potiskum, the Yobe State capital, Boko Haram members killed two persons and raided four banks.
-See the pattern yet, these are not isolated events by a few muslims. An attack across that much area requires a complex system of attackers and supporters. This was not done without the direct support of the islamic community in Nigeria.

CAIR Blasts Somali Muslim Leaders for NOT Promoting Islamic Terrorism

9 November, 2011

Careful, CAIR, your slip is showing:

CAIR Claims 2 Metro Somali Leaders are Anti-Muslim
Letter blasts Abdi Bihi, Omar Jamal before forum

MINNEAPOLIS – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is blasting two high-profile leaders in the metro Somali community as anti-Muslim ahead of a conference with police departments to discuss Somali culture — and the public spat is testing the limits of tolerance.

The controversial claim comes from a group that is no stranger to controversy itself, and the conflict centers over who speaks for the local Somali community, which is a complicated mesh of 15 separate groups with deep cultural and religious divides.

“I’m not anti-Muslim,” said Omar Jamal. “I’m anti-Islamic terrorism.”

Omar Jamal and Abdi Bihi were the first to blow the whistle on the effort to recruit Minnesotan Somalis for terrorism in Somalia. Three of the young men who disappeared from Minneapolis would later become suicide bombers in Kenya and Somalia for the terror group al-Shabaab.

That stance earned them a seat on CAIR’s bad side, and the group recently sent a letter attacking both men’s education and experience while asking local police departments to boycott a Thursday conference where the two will be keynote speakers.

“These individuals, who have no credibility in the Somali community, are going to be educating law enforcement,” the letter read in part.

Yet, both men have been consulted by government leaders in the past. Jamal is now a United Nations representative of the Somali government. Jamal has also spoken before the National Press Club and has been sought after as a spokesman for the Somali community.

CLICK HERE to read Pamella Geller’s take on all of this.

GOP Hillsborough court clerk candidate – Islam is not a religion

2 November, 2011

It is not everyday that I wake up and see an article that makes me smile. I congratulate Mr. Barrish on his honesty and the reporter for reporting and not interjecting. Nothing much will surprise regular readers, the man told the truth and will be condemned for it by people that are scared to consider his point of view. The evidence against islam being a religion is as obvious as the blood spilled in its name.

By Jodie Tillman, 1 Nov, 2011, Times Staff Writer
TAMPA — A Republican candidate for Hillsborough Clerk of Circuit Court on Monday fired off a letter saying Islam is “not a religion” but a theocracy that is “totalitarian and littered with human rights violations.”
-Islam is a cult, religions do not worship the opinion of a single individual (the pedophile mohammed) and they do not have extreme physical punishments to people that want to leave the cult, in islams case the penalty is death.

Scott D. Barrish, a 35-year-old private security officer who previously ran unsuccessfully for the Hillsborough School Board, sent the letter to the Council of American-Islamic Relations. He signed it as a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Party’s executive committee.

“Your efforts in espousing Islam in America and Florida will not succeed,” Barrish wrote. “This is us vs. you. In the great words of the late President Ronald Reagan, ‘I win, you lose!’ ”
-Like Mr.Barrish, we have found the in your face approach to members of the islamic cult to work well. Granted we usually start with a welcome to our site, a few discussions and only respond aggressively after they insult us and threaten to kill us.

Barrish said in an interview that he sent the e-mail letter because the group had engaged in what he called publicity stunts. CAIR, for instance, thanked Gov. Rick Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio for declining to speak at the upcoming Florida tea party convention because it featured a presentation by an “anti-Islam extremist.”
-Code for someone who understands islam and can explain it to others.

“I don’t sugarcoat things and I don’t use (political correctness),” Barrish said. “I’m like a (New Jersey Gov.) Chris Christie. I say it like it is.”

Barrish, who said he had spent the past two years studying Islam, said he signed the letter as a member of the Hillsborough GOP to show his credentials, not to speak for the party. But the Florida chapter of CAIR used Barrish’s letter in a press statement Monday.

“It is imperative that Republican Party leaders at the state and national levels repudiate these bigoted comments and take concrete steps to challenge the growing perception that the GOP is not a big tent party that welcomes Muslims,” said Tampa executive director Hassan Shibly.
-Yeah, see here is the problem, Scott told the truth and no matter who caves in for the Republican Party, they do not speak for him or even have a right to decide to apologize for what someone else said. I have said much worse things about islam and for a lot longer. I will never apologize to anyone stupid enough to claim the title of muslim. Your murderous pedophile pretend prophet’s stupidity is only surpassed by today’s followers and professed members of his modern cult. (more…)

Muzzie Physicist Arrested in Plot to Blow up Pentagon and Capitol Buildings

29 September, 2011

Don’t you just love it when the Lame Stream Media tries to convince you that Islamic terrorism is the product of poverty and a poor education?  Case in point, pay attention to the title of the following article.  Then, read on and you will discover that this “musician” majored in physics at Northeastern University:

Mass. musician accused of D.C. terrorist plot


A 26-year-old Massachusetts man has been arrested and accused of plotting to attack the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol with large remote-controlled aircraft filled with explosives.

CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reports that U.S. officials say the suspect, Rezwan Ferdaus was deadly serious about his plans, but the plot had no chance of succeeding.

Ferdaus, an U.S. citizen and Northeastern University graduate, went by the name “Bollywood” when he played in a Massachusetts band. However, U.S. officials say the drummer is also a self-radicalized jihadist, intent on attacking Americans in the U.S. and overseas.

Ferdaus now faces charges of plotting attacks and supporting a foreign terrorist organization.

Ferdaus was arrested after he bought what he believed to be 25 pounds of plastic explosives, three grenades and six automatic assault rifles from undercover FBI agents posing as al Qaeda operatives.

Over the past nine months, the agents recorded multiple conversations in which Ferdaus laid out plans for an aerial attack. He bought one small drone aircraft and planned to buy others which he hoped to fill with explosives and fly into Pentagon and Capitol from a park along the Potomac River.

He travelled to Washington to do surveillance taking pictures of his targets.

Officials stress that at no time was Ferdaus outside of the control of his undercover handlers, so he presented no actual danger. But, he repeatedly told the agents that he was driven to kill Americans which he called “enemies of Allah.”

He told the undercovers: “I just can’t stop. There is no other choice for me.”

Ferdaus’ college degree is in physics, and he apparently has some proficiency with building explosive devices. In the course of the investigation, officials say he converted eight cell phones into detonators, which he thought were being used in Iraq to trigger IEDs against U.S. soldiers.

Ferdaus was scheduled to make an initial appearance in federal court in Worcester on Wednesday afternoon.

There is a good chance Ferdaus will try to claim he was entrapped by the undercover FBI agents, but agents say they gave him multiple opportunities to get out of it during the course of their investigation.

Shocker: egyptian muslims still attacking Christians

26 June, 2011

Just a short tidbit, to let you know how well the new “democratic values” are working for the new “pro democratic” U.S. supported Egyptians (sarc).

What this really shows is the ‘arab spring” is all about the jihad, no democracy involved. The only thing that changed in eqypt is the Christians are in more danger now than they were before obama tossed mubarak under the bus.

Anyone buying into the new “faith and tolerance BS currently being spun in the U.S. is a fool. Ask any Christian missionary in the islamic nation of your choice and you well get a real lesson in islamic tolerance.

25 June, 2011, (AP)
A security official says Christians and Muslims have clashed in southern Egypt over the construction of a church.
-Code for a rampaging islamic mob attacked them.

A local security chief, Assem Hamza, says Muslim residents of the Awlad Khalaf village rallied Saturday outside Christian-owned land where construction of a church was under way.
-Strange they failed to say what happened to the old church. Here is a small tip for old hamza, people with signs for a peaceful demonstration are holding a rally. People with weapons and heavy equipment are holding a riot-got it? (more…)

White washing islam

13 June, 2011

By Ronin, 13 June, 2011
By now, many of you have noticed that the spin masters are out in force. Islam is being white washed on a massive scale. Sharia is explained away as similar to other religious laws and calls to use sharia inside the US as justified when both parties are muslim. What harm can come from that?

American muslims are touted as just like you and me, only a little bit better. Since they are more tolerant, have less domestic problems and are model citizens. Apparently, muslims also raise better children and have happier families.

Islam in the US is being slowly divided into the extreme form found outside the US and the model of tolerance and love found only in the US.

Model islamic citizens are supposedly working and living along side all of us. Just a bunch of fun loving islamic good ol boys out for a good time. They own stuff, vote and watch sports, 100% American, just like you, only better.

Here is the problem with the white wash, when it first hits water it washes away.

Most of the islamic minions resort to the moral equivalency arguments: other religions do bad things, Israel or (name the country) picked on us and my favorite-you have to read what our book says and not comment on what we do. These are the adult equivalent of the child’s retort of “I know you are but what am I” they are really just sad, no adult should have to lower themselves to that level. Here is a hint minions; if you cannot actually defend islam then you should leave islam. (more…)

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